Women can sense in seconds

Sometimes a hello from a man to a random woman is enough. In fact i ll go further just a look is enough. Women can intuitively sense from a distance the entire belief system of a man. What man thinks and believe about himself, what he feels about women in general and can he deliver it is the belief system i am talking about. Women have evolved to judge a man by just looking at him. Specifically older women are master of this. A woman decides unconsciously whether she should be receptive to the man who is approaching her in first few seconds. We man are told and taught to be funny, respectful, complimentary,etc to a woman when speaking to her but most of times thats too much. Be respectful and kind at all times to woman even to the one that man is not attracted to. But my point is love for yourself and most importantly love and adoration for women in general is something should be felt in a man’s bones.

Few times i have experience this. For example a man enters a coffeehouse and looks for a place. The man finds a empty place besides a woman or even a group of woman. The man ask whether can he occupy the empty place. In cases where the woman in the scene says more than a yes and makes a random statement it should be clear to the man in that instant moment that particular woman likes the man being in her space.

Man: Is this seat taken?

Woman: No you can seat here.

Woman : This is one of my favorite seat actually.

Bingo! The second statement is the one random statement i am talking about.

In cases where there are more than one woman, it will be the one who will speak out of turn to man is the one who is receptive to your presence.

Thats the way of women!


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