Why women play hard to get

Men complain that women are complicated, tough to figure, sometimes manipulating. In all it means they play hard to get. But why? Is it unconscious thing or women are aware of what they are exactly doing? Well i think it is a habit that is automatically switch on. This habit is inculcated by society at large, mothers and peers. The root of all these things comes down to judging women and shaming them by men. The most common phrase used by men if a woman have sex with the man at early stage is “She was too easy”. The next step by men will be to abandon the woman or not respect her or not appreciate her. Hence a woman feels used after that. NO ONE WANTS TO FEEL USED.

Now what happens when a woman play hard to get? The man’s ego takes over. The man realizes he has to invest himself to conquer the woman. His respect for woman goes up. She is treated like someone who is worthy. And as the man has invested a lot to acquire the woman he takes her seriously.

But why Man thinks the way he thinks? Its because we man are made to believe that we are not good enough by ourselves. Man has to offer something to make a woman like us and go to bed with us. When man uses the phrase “she was too easy”, in essence he means i as man invested in myself all these years is not worthy of a woman unless i offer her something tangible. That is why man always try to impress a woman rather than being impressive as a person.

This thought process is a loosing proposition for both man and woman alike.


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