Unaddressed issue by Feminist Movement

I am not a practicing feminist or part of any active feminist movement, but still after being in conversations with lots of women and experiencing them on a deep level in some cases, i think one aspect of women is overlook and not included actively in feminist movement.

It is women sexuality.

Women are highly sexual by nature,they adore sex and sometimes craves more than men. But feminism have excluded fighting for women’s desire for sex and not being judge for it.Society at large including mothers have invented words like slut,tramp,whore,prostitute,etc to restrain women to enjoy sex with whoso ever they like without any exchange of security,commitment,social approval.

Let me illustrate this in a precise manner. A woman meets a man at a coffeehouse and they both have instant chemistry and connection, now both man and woman in question want to engage in sexual act without any exchange of commitment or security. For a man it is not a problem,in fact he will be applauded. But for a woman she will to think about her morals which are put into her by mom and society, she will have to ponder of what if her friends come to know, she also has to think about being slut-sham by peers and i am sure there are more fears.

My point is why feminist movement has not voiced against being given names to have sex with whom so ever they want without any exchange of commitment and security?Why feminist movement has not restrained other women who calls some individual women slut,tramp,whore,etc?

Nothing hurts a woman more than being called slut by some other woman.

I would invite women to comment on what i have written. As i am man i would love to know women’s perspective.

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2 thoughts on “Unaddressed issue by Feminist Movement

  1. women crave for sex more than men. men as usual all women know are always sex hungry. then why women hide their feeling behind modesty. why they dont get open as men. i have seen women making bad faces on slight mention of sex before other people like in office.


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