Women’s way of saying ‘NO’

It takes lot of time and practice with women to understand their language. I have put in my time and still learning.

Women since childhood are taught to please other people so that they don’t lose ‘Nice Girl’ status. Hence in first instance a woman rarely says ‘no’ verbally to a man’s advances.In fact this behavior of pleasing other people is so rampant and inculcated in women that mostly women say ‘yes’. In fact so many times women have given me their number because they could not say no, so many times women have said yes to meet up again and then not show up or cancel last minute. In the popular world it is said sometimes “NO” means “Yes”, well in my world sometimes even “Yes” means “NO”.

So does a man decipher that a woman language? I have seen one consistent non verbal  communication which does give a clear hint of women “NO” even though she said “YES”.

Notice women’s body while man is engaging with her. She will shift in a way that creates more space between the engaging man and woman. This is very very reliable. Even though the woman is smiling, being nice and even flirtatious this shift in women’s body is a “NO” .

It is the duty of men to understand women’s way of communication as it will make life easier for both men and women alike.



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