Women want confirmation

Ever notice that women ask questions for which they already have the answer? Yes this is the way of women. They want confirmation and then reconfirmation. A man must have said to a women that he loves/likes her but that is not enough. Women want to feel it in their man’s voice, his actions and his bones. For example a man is with a woman who he likes and her friend, he ask her friend to tell him something about her. Which clearly means the man likes the woman and hence curious about her. A time will come when the woman will ask the man that why he was curious about her? She wants to feel his congruence and hence the woman will ask that kind of questions. This behavior of women permeates from beginning to end of the relationship(maybe even after that). In most cases her way of confirming will be very indirect. For example she might bring up about a round table conversation she was having with friends ( including you), and will comment how smart the other girl was and how she(your woman) admires her.  She wants to know how the man still feels about her at different times.


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