My journey on way of women

I did my schooling in India, Mumbai from a school where ratio of man to woman was like 100 to 1. Even though my household had sisters, women were foreign to me. Come college where the ratio of man to women was much better, but my social conditioning and lack of communication with women kept me away from women most of my college life. As time went by i wonder what does land of women looks like. It was in my mid 20’s i decided to figure what Dr Freud could not answer ‘What women want’? Now i am in my late late 20’s i can say that some pieces of women puzzle are slowly and gradually coming together. But i can feel this journey has extraordinary years ahead.

I started reading some stuff on picking up women(most of it not worth it). But it was my interactions with random women on street, coffee shop,gym, etc that put sense of women  in my mind. Off course i have been told creepy to getting shot down by various women , but that added to my intuition. As a man keeps walking on this journey he develops an intuition which can’t  be described in words.It is really women who will show the way of women, not by verbalizing because even women can’t put words to What they respond to? 

It is curiosity that really motivates to stay on this journey.  If i have to give suggestions to man it would be “Be curious about women” Don’t give up mid way as it can leave you with more question than answers. The fact a man is on this journey is attractive to women. Relax into the knowing that you are seeker and working on it.


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