Women way of taking compliment

Since childhood men are told to give compliments to women ,then women will like you.It is our mothers, grandmoms, aunts, sister who has been giving this advice. An advice on how to get women by women will always be received by men without casting any doubt on it.

What does word compliment mean?

In dictionary language it means to express admiration of.  When someone compliments it means they admire something about the person.

But in modern age compliments has been used for a purpose,to get something in return. As man are told to be complimentary to women it is assume by men that if they compliment a woman then the woman has obligation to give something back in return.In essence it means men complimenting a woman comes with a package of hidden agendas and women knows this. That is why most of the time compliments by men fall flat on women ears.

For women a “Thank you” has become an automatic response like “Fine” to question of “How are you”? Most women can smell hidden agendas behind compliments from a man and hence women don’t response the way men would like to, which led to discovery of ‘neg’ used by pick up artist around the world. For uninitiated ‘neg’ means a statement used on women to put them down.

I still believe compliments without hidden agendas will received by women with great respect..

Has anyone complimented a woman without any agenda of any kind?


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