Women are as naughty as allowed to be

Society at large divides women in two categories, one who is ‘Nice girl’ and second ‘slut,whore,out of line,bitch,promiscuous,etc’ .In my country India they say ‘chaalu'(hindi word). But the truth is that there are no categories, there are only women. Women by nature are more sexually oriented compare to men. Every women who has a regular monthly cycle goes through a phase for two to three days where her brain chemistry changes. This happens 16 days before her next monthly cycle begins. Women brain and bodies during these two three days crave sexual experiences from random men. Accept it because this is the way of women.

Women want to have encounters with random men and fulfill their fantasies. On a side note women fantasies are more graphical and grandeur compare to men. Nancy Friday an author has done good work on it. A women who lives in a small town with people who know her will behave in acceptable(to society) manner for various reasons, but if,put the same girl in big city with random people her behavior will be closely linked to women’s biological nature, which by the way highly sexual.

The Alabaster Girl


Women loves being naughty.ย Its in her nature. How many men can dress slutty and showcase their packages? How many has seen a man wearing a see thru pants? How many men wear tight pants to let their whole genitals bulge? we all know rarely men can dress slutty. But with women its their level of comfort with their sexuality.


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