Men should know their role in women’s life

For most men it is assume that their role in women’s life is “Whatever role i have to play to get into women pants”. Trust me this loosing proposition both the men and women.

For some men they would like to play a certain role in a woman life. For example the man wants to become the husband of a certain woman who is already happily married and that woman just want to have fling. How can be this possible for the man?

Similarly for some other men they want to be the woman’s boyfriend and the woman is too busy in her other aspects of life to have a ‘boyfriend’.

So first men should define ‘What do i want and at the same time what can i offer?’ Are you the man looking for a stable relationship with a woman, are you the one who just wants to have casual flings and short term encounters, are you looking to settle down and get married, there are more scenarios.

For example a man wants to get married but his career is unstable, has debts, etc, hence this man wants something which he cannot provide for, this is tricky role to play.

For example a man wants to have multiple affairs with women but at the same his ego can’t handle his women also having affairs with some man, then he is in a conflicting position between what he wants and what he can offer.

Men should have some realistic inner dialogue with themselves. Men should ask themselves , what they want and at the same time what they can offer? Both of the questions should have answers that are align and congruent with their lives.

For me i Love women and being monogamous is far fetched thing for now. I want to have multiple women in my life and yes at the same time. Hence i have come to comfort with my ego of my women having men other than me. In fact i am very ok if i am a secondary man in her life. One thing that i can offer is “Non-judgmental Acceptance” to women which is very rare for women to find.

Learn to say no if the woman you like doesn’t align with the two questions.


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