One behavior for sure shows that woman likes the man

Out of all the questions that arises in a man-woman dynamics the most common one is how does a man know that a woman likes him? Youtube has myriad of videos on it. Enough articles has been written on it. But still this question floats on surface. Some say women flick their hair when they see you, they make longer eye contact, some say they laugh on your bad jokes also, sometimes they touch you (goes unnotice by man), etc. They all are right but not consistent as context and nature of environment matters. For example a woman might laugh loudly at your jokes and sometimes other woman might sit silently and nervously while a man is joking. But one thing i have seen consistently that woman does when they like a man and it is this: A woman will make effort to be in a man’s peripheral  view or his space. She might sometimes outright ignore you also just to see and hoping that whether you initiate to speak to her. Why? As i said before woman want confirmation. For example a man is taking a walk in a park and the woman who likes this man is also in the same park, she will slow down her steps or stop completely pretending to be on a cell phone so that man converges with her. This very consistent with women of different personalities.

Second one which is not that consistent but comes close second is when you are leaving a woman space she will stop man in his tracks even for a second but she will. Let me illustrate by example. A man is having any kind of conversation with a woman and at the end man says bye as he had to leave and he turns around and starts leaving that is the moment the woman will call him out (it can be anything) to stop him in his tracks. Trust me this very true.


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