What Is Virginity Anyway?

Obvi, We're The Ladies

So, virginity is a term that is widely used but is not often examined critically. The standard understanding of virginity is one’s status prior to having sexual intercourse. However, nowadays this understanding is not so straight forward. To truly untangle the modern definition of virginity, and retroactively, the loss of virginity, we must first define “sex.” Does engaging in oral sex constitute losing one’s virginity? Is sex the penetration of two genital organs? Or simply any type of penetration? This continues to get more complicated when we consider non-heterosexual relationships where two people have the same genital organs. Losing your virginity is no longer so clearly defined.

Why am I so interested in the construction of virginity, well I grew up in a very sex-positive household. In my home talking about sex and all that entails was always something my parents (yes, with both my mom and dad), sister and…

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