What did I learned from talking to numerous random women

Lot of things i will write will fly in the face of most men and lot of women will not convincingly agree with me, but hear me out. There have been numerous times i have walked into a coffee shop, sat beside a random girl and start a conversation with her. This off course with the intention of picking her up.  Most of times if a woman was in position to talk we would have an engaging conversation lasting from 20mins to 2hrs.

So what conversation were we having ? As i have read from some books the favorite topic of any human being is themselves. Hence my conversations revolve around woman’ life. She was more than happy in engaging about her personal life. In fact quite a few times i had women telling me that this is the first time she spoke at a deep level to a random man. Offcourse  this was music to my ears as i had hidden agenda. Now here a scary part. Often our conversations would end with exchange of phone numbers and a plan to meet next time. Women sounded more than happy to give me their numbers (none of numbers were fake) and meet me again. Not even once the woman with whom i had life giving conversations met me again. Yes i did call on their numbers but none of them materialize into anything. So what was happening?

I realize my conversations with women about their problems, parents, university, pets, hobbies were  very engaging but not arousing. Women love to talk who will listen to them for hours but that is not arousing to women. Even women don’t know this. They will wonder why such a nice guy and she doesn’t want to meet again.

So what i learned from my experiences?

Women wants a man who wants to know but  not necessarily listen. It is genuine curiosity from a man that arouses women. Most men listen to women for hours because they think this what man has to do to get the woman. For example if a man careless about her dogs, the man should not engage in conversation about her  dogs. Women have intuitive sense if a man is being genuine. For me now, i speak about how if stars are aligned me and the woman can have fantastic secret affair. My conversations with women are light and fun, and there is enough room for genuine curiosity also.

Women want to get caught up in an adventure with the man and not be the adventure.


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