How women are wired differently from men Part I

Here are some few things that i have discovered about women that shows how they are wired differently from men.

  1. For women giving signals of liking a man is equivalent to shouting verbally. For example a woman will say to the man that “today is date we saw each other for the first time a year  back”. Now this clearly means that the woman likes the man. And now woman is thinking in her head ” I told him out loud that i like him”. She will wonder why the man is not reciprocating.
  2. A man and his woman are driving around and during the that time the woman asks her man “do you want to stop for a coffee?” the man replies “No”. The end.Silence. After few minutes the woman is annoyed. The man wonders why? What happen was this:- When woman asked her man “do you want to stop for a coffee?” , what she essentially wanted is to start a dialogue and make her man an active participant in the dialogue. Women connects by active participatory dialogue. Hear two or more women talking they will always include each other and make statements of sympathy and understanding like ” I also went through the same thing”. Now in the mention example when the man just replied “no” the woman felt left out which annoyed her. Right thing to do was to create an active dialogue by replying like         ” Sweetheart if you want to stop and chill tell me where to stop” or ” I would love to give you company for your favorite coffee”.


More to come in Part II…



4 thoughts on “How women are wired differently from men Part I

    1. I understand your point..but the context for women in asking a question is different by nature while for men asking same question is a straightforward way of getting information..
      And yes i am more funnier than you feel.


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