How women are wired differently from Men part II

This is the second part of my post How women are wired differently. Might get bit controversial as we go along.

  1. A man really likes the woman he just met, he wants to get physically intimate with her and he won’t hesitate to make love with that woman on first day or two. But  with women its different. A woman really likes the man and see him as a great partner, she will withhold sex with him and the main reason she will withhold is that the woman genuinely likes the man. The same woman will not withhold sex with a random man on first night who is in her town for a day only and may never see her again and doesn’t like the random man as much as she likes the other man. With women they are open to first night sexual experience with a man who she doesn’t even like that much but the same woman will withhold sex with the man who she met and really likes him.
  2.  Women in general can see an end of relationship way before her man starts to realize. Women talk about everything, specifically relationships. They have dissected at length with their friends and family. When the breakup happens women is done with her pain  not necessarily sadness, but men is shocked as it comes surprised to him. A woman can see a leak in a relationship, but man only realize when the relationship is sunk.

I encourage readers to share anything as this is a grey and subjective topic.

Part III also coming…


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