How women are wired differently from Men

This is the third part of ongoing series of post of How women are wired differently.

What i am writing is controversial and might sound rubbish. Well, that’s ok because even i thought the same way when i read it first in a book by Zan Perrion but later when i experience it, i had to come to comfort with it.

The Alabaster Girl

When a man is asked about the number of women he slept with, usually a good rule of thumb is to divide that number by three. And with women multiply the number by three. Offcourse i am generalizing. Now here is he kicker, men know that they are lying about the number of women they slept with, but with women they actually believe what they are saying. In women’s mind they are not lying because they have convinced themselves that some sexual experiences simply do not count. Yes and again for women there are some sexual experiences do not count.

What does that even mean?

For women any sexual encounters are not a scoring game, in fact they want to keep their number low so that they are not judge. So a woman who wants to edit any sexual experience will do so by blaming on circumstances, for example she was too drunk, she had to do it because the man duped her by something, etc. Reasons can be anything, it is called plausible deniability.

Now there are some men that are given free pass in the world of women. These men have put in their time to understand the hearts and mind of women and most important they have come to comfort with it. These men also do not count.

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This one was heavy to write. I would love read any comments on it.


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