Honesty in Men is the most seductive thing for Women

They say that honesty is the best policy, well i can assure in the long run for men specifically in the context of Women it is quite true. Women crave honesty from men. What does being honest means?

It means not misrepresenting yourself, honesty with women means letting her know what she is getting into with you. Honesty requires men to place all their cards on the table so that she can make a reasonable choice for herself and be responsible for her own actions. Being honest and not misrepresenting will avoid women to feel used. Being honest means being vulnerable and also show the parts of yourself that you would not like to be seen. How does honesty help for men in the long run?

In the process of turning completely yourself honest with women, you men will lose few battles, there will be few heartbreaks, also sadness and pain of women going away as you are not the one for the woman currently. But in the long as men imbibes in them the honest approach to women it will make men non-needy as there will a sense of peace in them. Men will be able to align themselves with women who are comfortable with the idea of who you are, in essence it means men will able to filter automatically the right women for them. Let me illustrate everything i wrote with an example.

There is a man who is on journey to explore the universe of women and he has immense love for women. He knows that being some women exclusive boyfriend or future husband is not congruent with his commitment to explore women. Now this man meets a woman at a coffeeshop and there is instant chemistry and connection with that woman. During the conversation the woman mentions to him that she just broke up with her boyfriend and is looking for a stable and steady relationship with a man. This man who is honest and loves women will not misrepresent himself and will speak his truth of him being non exclusive with women and his agendas will be laid on table even at the cost of losing the woman. He will let the woman know that he is not forever man. For this man his commitment to be truthful to women is bigger than any woman. He knows that the woman he met and with whom he can have pleasant times might drift away after speaking his truth.

Women crave for men who comes out in the open with their original costume. Let women know what they are getting into with men.



10 thoughts on “Honesty in Men is the most seductive thing for Women

    1. IT depends what role you want to play in women’s life. If you want to be the boyfriend or future husband then providing security is must but even with that honesty is seductive and necessary, otherwise a lover of women will have a passionate affair with the committed woman where her unfulfilled part will crave for honesty, which leads to woman having an affair.


      1. First of all if two people are in affair there should be absolutely no possibility of seeing someone else unless they are cheaters.

        I loved your title honesty is the most seductive thing and I endorse it. I am just saying women these days dont believe much in honesty except the exceptions.


      2. certainly not all women will go for only honesty, as i have written in my post that men on journey of being honest will lose some girls but you will meet the right ones with time.. And as far as affair is concern women understand affairs, they think differently about affairs than men..


      3. I appreciate your zeal to discuss ✌. When you say women understand affairs and think differently from men- I am not sure of your perception, so I cant comment until know.


  1. Women want honesty from men but do they offer it too? Should men expect honesty from women at all? Or women find it sufficient to drop near-unrecognisable hints to men that they are no more interested in them.


  2. My personal experience says you look for what you don’t offer others. Would love to know your experience about women craving honesty.


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