Women’s way of approaching Men

In most cases of man and woman relationships dynamic, it is usually the woman who makes the first move. But women have a more subtle way of approaching men. The sad part as women will say men don’t get it. So how does women approach men. I have learnt through missing out and then getting it these subtle yet clear approach signals from women. These are few i have observe and experience, there maybe more.

1. A woman is sitting with her friends (can be anywhere) and a man arrives who catches her breath, he happens to sit in her peripheral vision, the first thing the woman will do is to shift her hips in a way that is align towards the man positioning. (Always goes unnoticed by men).

2. A woman sitting or standing next to a man will suddenly start playing something on her cell phone loud enough to catch her desire man’s attention. Even though the place energy level is quietness.

3.A woman on a date with a man 1, yes on a date, sees a man 2 who send shivers all over her will stand up and walk over to man 2’s space for no genuine reason just let the man 2 know her presence.

There are few other like stealing eye glances, bumping into man at a certain place suddenly, walking ahead of you and then slowing down her pace to catch up with the man, but these are all sub layers of three point i have mention. Very rarely a woman will walk up to a man and initiate a conversation.

In all the points i have written one thing the woman is trying to do is get man’s attention so that he notices her.

I am sure there maybe some more which i would have missed out, please share with readers.


10 thoughts on “Women’s way of approaching Men

      1. Well as a woman who’s job it is to be a professional flirt and engage with men I’d say it’s all about confidence

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      2. Iv never been afraid to approach a man. It takes a while before I like someone so maybe then I might act a bit different. But not much

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