Art of approaching Women Part I

If men or even women are ask on way to approach to women, mostly would say to go up to the woman and strike a conversation. And if follow with another question on method or technique to approach, mostly would answer just walk towards her. But is there a way of approaching women? Is there a method or technique to go about approaching women? In my few years of experience i have learnt there are subtleties that makes huge difference. Let me elaborate on those subtleties.

Take a scenario of women walking on the street, the best way in my view is to be in a position where the man is walking few steps ahead of the woman, now the man should pace themselves in such a way that the woman catches up to him by his side, and then he should initiate conversation. How does this way influence women’s mind? First women believe in serendipity a lot. For them meeting with the man should be more like default thing than a contrived one.

In a scenario again of walking on street but man and woman are walking facing each other. First a man should do is to pay attention to woman. He must observe that whether the woman on seeing the man has shifted herself in a way to create more distance between them when both man and woman pass by each other. If she has i think the man should leave her. And if she hasn’t then man should raise his arm few steps before she comes closer to the man so that she is made aware of the man’s intentions before the actual action. This will disarm the woman as she knows kind of what to expect.

One strongest piece of advice i would like to share is this:-

Always , always,always a man must give  woman both mental and physical space for women to leave. A woman should be there at her own will.

There’s more to come on this topic


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