Women can love forever, not be in love forever

The title of this post is bit judgmental and certainly subjective. I cannot prove with empirical evidence but my experience tells me that the title of this post is a valid statement.


Ever heard anything like this from women ” I love him, he is a such a great man but i don’t know why i don’t feel for him” or “I love him, but i want to move on” or “How cannot i not love him, he is a fabulous human being but..” Women want a good man someone who is appreciative,kind,genuine and most men are like that. But sadly there it ends. Now here is the kicker, women respond to something else also and mostly it is unavailable from men who are long term partners. What is that something else? It is being caught up in romance of life. Romance of life means being ravished, being bend over by man, being desired as queen, being with a man who shows the woman her place with grace and respect. Women want to let their little girl inside come out and breathe. Women desire that both her motherly and little girl nature to co-exist at the same time. It is extraordinarily difficult to find a man who can spark both sides of women namely motherly and little girl. The number one complain i have heard from committed women is that they miss the boyfriend part of their husband.

For women getting their vaginas wet overrides their logical brain. For example a woman is with a man who she is to married for few years.  This man has been great security provider, a good father and a good man to society(whatever that means). A great husband. Women logical brain will love him dearly but something in this woman feels unfulfilled. This goes on for years and one fine day the woman says “I love him but i am not in love with him, I don’t know why i don’t feel that way for him”.

Women has two sides to them, being a good mother,wife and at the same time being felt like someone slut and unfortunately our society has created “nice man or Jerks”, Why there is nothing in between?

I am a man and i will be please to know more women perspective on this..

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