Perspective on Women’s Infidelity

Primary reason for me to write this post is to calm those misogynist who think women are manipulative, deceitful, unfaithful,etc. I as a man have personally experience this behaviors of women and as i have studied about it, it has made me calm and i feel almost no jealously when it comes to women. This post is highly inspired from the book The Female brain.

Mother nature uses everything at her disposal to make sure couples get together and make babies and this requires that sex happen at the right time of the month. Odors for instance are strongly linked to emotions, memory and sexual behavior. Women’s noses and brain circuits are particularly sensitive just before ovulation-not just to ordinary scents but also to the imperceptible effects of male pheromones. Pheromones are social chemicals that humans and other animals release into the air from their skin and sweat glands. They are found in male body sweat. Pheromones alter brain perceptions and emotions and influence desires – such as desire for sex.

Ovulating women who already have partners preferred the smell of other more dominant men but single women showed no such preference. Single women want nurturing men who will help raise a family.But once the home is secure, they have the biological urge to sneak around with men who have the best genes.

I have seen this again and again . An ovulating women can be most likely than not spotted among the crowd. An ovulating women will break away from her pack of friends frequently by scanning the room, her clothes will be very loosely fitted, she will touch around the neck specifically the back part of her neck and she will check out men from face to face. But sometimes this is what happens, an ovulating women can spot that man instantly. Who is that man? The man who has put in time to understand and study this part of women’s behavior. This man has come to comfort with his ego about the nature of things in context of women. An ovulating women in the presence of that man will not be able to stop herself glancing at him frequently.

I know what i have written is very difficult to digest for most men..

What do you think does this information can calm nerves of men?


2 thoughts on “Perspective on Women’s Infidelity

  1. Nice grammar by the way. What are you, five? Secondly, if a committed woman wants to sleep with other men, that is fine by me. Just don’t be buttmad when your man leaves you when you cheat and don’t have access to his love or resources anymore. No sane or rational person will take your cuckold apologia seriously.


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