NO 1 thing missing in men in context of women

Men in this 21st century have lost the masculine edge, they have forgotten to embrace their sexual nature. Men should understand that their sexual nature is a gift from god and it is what defines a Man.

Men are afraid to own their desires and hesitate to state their desires to women. If a man wants to take a girl on a date, he will ask the woman “would you like hang out sometime, maybe for dinner on thursday?”  instead a man should explicitly state “I like you, i would love to take you on a date this evening.”

We men have become too apologetic in context of women. If a man is complimentary or flirtatious with a woman and woman in response says that “i have a boyfriend”,”i am married”,the man flinches and says ” OH! i am sorry” Sorry for desiring a woman. Shame!

Men hide their sexual nature while talking to women. They have been taught by society and family to not to offend women by being sexual. Be respectful to women. Men first be respectful to yourself. There is nothing wrong in expressing your sexual nature through your bones,voice,body.

Women crave masculine man. A man who embraces being man without apology.

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3 thoughts on “NO 1 thing missing in men in context of women

  1. Hmm.. I find men are pretty open about expressing their sexual nature, I get a fair amount of hook-up requests on apps, but that’s usually when they’re not that interested! Although I definitely agree that men have become less masculine. Our society has become quite androgynous, but it’s our differences that make us attractive.


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