How do I talk to Women initially

Since the beginning of my blog i only written of what i have experience of women and their interpretation. But i wonder why not write something more practical not philosophical post on women. I think the best way to write something more practical is to write about my practice.

So I how do i approach women?

I have over period of few years have developed an intuition about whether a particular women i approach will be responsive or not. I ll try my best to put this intuition into practical terms.

I have few habits when it comes to approaching a woman.

First if a girl is my space i.e. radius of 3or4 feet around me, i will always say at least a Hi specifically she is station there. I will make an observation a genuine one related to her. For example in a bookstore she is reading a book on baking cakes or whatever, i will say something like this ” I notice you are a reading how to bake cake” now women might be receptive, unreceptive or neutral to my comment. Now if she is unrecptive i leave her. When women are unreceptive to your presence then they shift their body to create more space between you and her and also sometimes look at you and give a courtesy smile and get back to what she was doing. Anything other than this it is safe to assume neutral or receptive.

If she is receptive i get flirtatious and sexual. IN the above instance for example after making an observational statement i will go further saying ” Perfect i ll come by nine with wine at your place for our date. We ll have your freshly bake cake, drink wine and make love.” To that she might response “I have a boyfriend” to which i will reply ” Yeah nine is too early i ll be there by 11″. In essence i am keeping light and flirty and most importantly i don’t pull back. I don’t talk about why she is reading a book or what are her favorite books or any kind of rapport building. Maybe later on.

Important note:- whenever i am speaking to a girl i always give her room to leave, sometimes i move away a step or two and then come back to confirm whether she is liking my presence.

Tell me about your way of approaching men or women..



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