What women want from a relationship?

I know this a heavy grey area to dive into. I think i have a sense of it though. So what women want from a relationship?

Most likely answer is love, nurturing, being appreciated and desire. Well these are the requirements, but not necessarily the bedrock of their wants.

I think what women want from a relationship is what the man has display he has to offer at the beginning of the courtship.

Let me illustrate, a woman is at a stage of her life where she is looking to get married and settle down. She meets a man and as she gets to know him, she realizes that the man tick mark all the boxes of what she is looking for and just because he fills all the criteria for her, the woman starts liking him.

She falls in love with the idea of him and his world and not necessarily only him.

Assuming the woman is looking for settling in America for whatever reasons and the man happens to be someone who lives in America then she will most likely will fall for idea of his universe that comes being with him.

Now here is the kicker, once the world of the man changes as in, his career force him to shift his base to some place where the woman would not like to live , then slowly and gradually she starts falling out of love and also in the process loses respect for him.

The woman behavior changes from liking everything about the man to disliking most of the man’s behavior.


Similarly if a woman just want to have a casual fling and she meets a man who tells the woman that he have only casual flings and  also arouses her enough to get into a casual fling , but after a week or so spending time with this man, he acts as serious boyfriend material type behavior, the woman again in this case becomes re spiteful of him and pushes him away.

Its because his offer initially was in align with her wants and later on it changed to something else.

The great example would be arrange marriage, both men and women enter into marriage after both parties assessing the background, wealth, status, values,etc.

Suppose after marriage due to circumstances things change, security which the woman was promised disappear then slowly and gradually woman loses respect for the man and she considers leaving him.

This brings me to my third line what women want is what she was shown as the foundation of the relationship.

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2 thoughts on “What women want from a relationship?

  1. Everyone falls in love differently. I used to be infatuated with the thought of being with someone until I realised that she was really an image of who I loved… And though she was so beautiful and kind outwardly, as a person she was vain, hypocritical, and delusional.
    I think she doesn’t even know what she wants from a relationship. And honestly, I won’t truly know either until I meet the right woman.

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