Women push away needy behavior

Neediness from men is the No 1 killer of attraction between a man and a woman. Somehow women starts losing respect for men who shows neediness, it doesn’t matter it is in the beginning or in a deep relationship.

What does neediness from a man communicates to women? A man’s neediness communicates to woman that he is not good enough and he needs validation from someone else. It tells the woman that man’s source of happiness is the woman which is very unattractive to women. It also communicates to woman that the man is not loved by other woman and have fear of losing her.

How does a man know that his behavior is needy? Simple whenever there is an anxiety regarding the woman and he acts on the feeling of anxiety, any action from that feeling is most likely a needy behavior.

Women subconsciously push away needy behavior, even they don’t know that they are doing that. I am sure it must have happen to readers that if a man is not attracted to a certain woman, his lack of attraction towards the woman makes the woman attracted to the man. It is law of non-needy behavior.

Being aware is the best way to stop needy behavior..


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