Women are practical, Men are romantic

Who built taj mahal?Shah jahan ,a man, to show his love for his woman. There’s more Boldt castle, Heart island,New york built by George Boldt as a gift to his wife as a testimony of love for her. Men are clearly romantics.

I say women are practical when it comes to relationships, it means they understand the practical side of relationships. They are intuitively aware of how their relationship boat is sailing while men are oblivious. How come? Because women connect by talking and they talk to everyone even if there is a small glitch in a relationship. Men drink beer and talk once in while about relationships.

Women can sense a leak in a relationship way before a man can sense it. A woman will try her every bit to plug the leak but men don’t understand their language. Men will wonder why a woman is getting mad at small small things.

A woman analyses a lot even before she is getting into relationship. Men in the moment are ok with everything until a block occurs they start to wonder. I always had women in India where i reside ask me “where do i live”? they want to know because then they can reason with environment to have an affair with me or not. If i live closer to a woman social environment then will think twice to have an affair with me. We men really don’t care that much.

I mean in a gist women views relationship with a man in context of her relationships with other. Men do not……….

I would very interested in reading your comments..

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