Women don’t want to be picked up

The headline of my post is counter intuitive to the world of practicing pick up artist. I am very convinced after my experiences with women that in general women don’t like the idea of picking  them up. Then how come men who go randomly up to women and manage to get laid or even start a relationship? Doesn’t it mean that the man has pick up woman?

Well let me say this, it is women who in reality are self selecting the man who came up to them. For women this is how it works. They decide to be in the market or not. Now this can be both conscious or unconscious decision. Men just need to take lead and initiate. The thing with men is they can’t understand which women is in the market or not. And hence men just keep firing shots at every pretty women they see.

This is how it works presumably across the world. Man see a pretty woman in a coffee shop or bar or bookstore and he goes up to her to start a conversation with the idea of picking her up. This is one thing men don’t realizes, that  women are taught not to say no and hence women by nature act polite.So women engage in a conversation with the man and the man thinks she is liking and is receptive.  But this politeness is misconstrue by men as go ahead signal. As man is talking to her he is in his head wondering what to say next, should i go for number now or should i ask her to join me for coffee. In most cases men ask for number which women give out of politeness. And let me tell you in more than 80% of cases women are giving numbers out of politeness and does not intend to carry it further. But men don’t get this and hence this cycle is repeated again by most men.

Now imagine most women goes through this same scenario, which forces women to pull away and not be bother and which brings to my point that hence women don’t like to be picked up.

So how men approach this? Should they stop approaching women? off course not, what i am suggesting is learn the language of women, their signals. Understand the sub communication with women. Understand when it is on or not.

As Zan perrion says make statements ” i would like to see you again” I would love to take you on date” and stop. Women if she wants to see you will help you by replying ” I am free on saturday night” or ” Lets exchange numbers”. Phone numbers fall of trees with women if men understand this….


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