What women desires the role of men to be in their life?

Going back few hundred years or so it was clear man was responsible to get food and protect woman. In exchange woman would let the man procreate so that the man could create larger lineage. Fast forward 21st century women are in position to provide for herself, protect herself through law of the land and procreate without committed man by using advance science technology (test tube baby). So women don’t need men for three most essential things that is to provide, procreate and protect which men played pivotal role in doing that till few years back.

So what role does women still desires men to play?

Many women have explicitly told me this ” I want my man to cherish me”, “I wish men could celebrate us”, “I want my man to notice me”, “I want to be seen by him”. In essence all these women said the same thing, women want men to celebrate their existence, their spirit.

What does it mean to celebrate women?

It means to embrace women completely which includes her menstrual blood, her naughty side i.e. to feel like a slut, her mood swings, her indirect way of saying things, her motherly nature, the little girl inside her and also her view on things without judging .Women want to be seen and be caught in an adventure and only a man can fulfill that. Celebrating women means standing up to be the man women desires. Celebrating women includes, to give room to leave where ever her heart desires with full respect and love.

The only way i can think a man can create a energy of celebration with woman is by expressing his love for women in general…

Thank You

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