Women wish men knew this one thing about women

We all know that men are not well equipped to understand the sub communication of women. This lack of understanding the language of women has led men to wrongly assume various things about women. And i believe the number one thing about women that men misconstrue is women’s politeness.

Women since their childhood has not been taught how to say no. On the contrary women have been condition to please other people as they have been told that their sense of self worth comes from how people think about her. This is insane.But it is the way it is.

Women are very polite to began with. Women politeness has lot to do with their upbringing ,What i mean by that is, women have evolved to pretend to be a nice girl. Now men don’t understand the pretending part. For instance lot of women will give out their numbers or contact information to a random man out of politeness even though they do not intend to carry it further. In my personal experience women more than 80% of time give out numbers just out of politeness.

In another instance a man goes up to a random woman and strike a conversation. In most instances a woman will smile and pretend to be engage. This pretending to engage also comes out of politeness. Women don’t know how to get out of a conversation.

Men assume women politeness has to do with their charm but if they could just see beyond the hills it will make life easier for both men and women.

What are other things men misconstrue about women?


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