For women arousal works differently from men

I remember once telling a friend about an incident that i witness, A woman sitting with her partner in a coffee shop talking and laughing with him, then the partner leaves to buy something, the woman gets up from her chair turns towards a random man sitting alone behind her and raises her eyebrows with a smile and a wink. The man in return smiles back. The partner comes and everything seems like before. The first my friend ask me “Was the random man good looking”? No he was not good looking by any standards and he was also old. This brings to my point men think how the attraction works for women is same as it works for men. For men if the woman is wiling and attractive enough, men get attracted and feels aroused towards woman. And men project this onto women but it doesn’t work same way with women. Women can get attracted towards man physical appearance but that last few seconds.

For women being attracted and aroused works differently. Women are aroused by few characteristics in men such self loving and self accepting, masculine, affirmative, loves women in general, honesty. Women are absolutely smitten by a man who is prepare to take lead. Whenever a woman is talking a man who she is attracted to, she is hoping and praying that the man doesn’t fuck up because she wants to get laid. Women are aroused the moment they recognize that the man they are with is genuine. Some one who is comfortable with himself and in peace with his being. Women are highly aroused by a man whose adventure in life is not a specific woman, someone who doesn’t require woman’s validation to prove himself.

What i have written is philosophical but there is no better i can put it. It is difficult to put in practical terms.

I have to give credit to Johnny soporno from  from whom i have learnt this..



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