How men are automatically shifted to Friendzone?

The biggest issue men in the modern age converse about is friendzone. What is friendzone in actuality ? Men will answer, a friendzone is when a man wants to have sex but the woman don’t want to and still pretend to be friends. Women will answer, a friendzone is when a woman don’t have a romantic feelings for the man who likes her but like him as a friend.

The difference between two answers is profound. For men it is about having sex or not but for women it is about feelings. And at this point the question arises who put men in friendzone?  It is men themselves and not women.

A Woman needs to feel aroused and attracted towards a man for her to engage man on both physical and emotional level. And it is the man’s duty to make woman go on arousal state. But the modern man is so asexual in his energy that it flows in the way he moves, talks, act,etc.  The modern man is so afraid of his desires and he wears a friend costume all the time with woman he finds attractive. This automatically puts the man in friendzone as his way of being is not arousing enough for woman.

A man goes on a date with a woman and through out whole date he never comes near her as he is taught to not to offend the woman (insane). He is funny, charming, sometimes serious but his sexual energy is missing and the man expects woman to find him attractive enough to engage with him on physical level. It doesn’t work out that way with women.

Women never friendzone men, they just follow the man’s lead. Read it again. If a man is acting as a friend with a mask that hides his sexual energy and desires women will follow what is being shown i.e. Friend. While a man who is as sexual and as respectful he can be then women will follow his lead and will treat the man in a different way.


3 thoughts on “How men are automatically shifted to Friendzone?

  1. Bull. She was never attracted in the first place. She was just there for the free meal, the validation, and the attention. Stop wasting your time. Spend your money on yourself.


    1. Certainly we should spend money on ourselves.. If you are taking woman for a free meal, the validation and the attention then you are playing yourself and not the woman..


    2. Hey DJ, do you think free food is the key?. me i did that before, but after what Pratik said dont impress a woman and honesty

      What do i do? i say dirty things while we eat, look at her breasts atimes. say everything in a whisper and close to her ears. it works


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