Women want to be Seduced and Not Picked up

What is the difference between seducing a woman and picking up a woman?

Dear Men

Seducing a woman means persuading her to do what she already wanted to do by being your natural self with no masks. While picking up a woman means convincing a woman to come with you by pretending to be someone you imagine she wants. Seduction is an extension of your presentation to the world while picking up is an art and science laden with trick and techniques. Sure you can woman both ways, but the preferred and desired way for women is seduction.

Across the world women are picked up or tried being picked up and in general they hate it, because they feel used. Women certainly gravitate towards certain characteristics of men like being non-needy, always have something better to say, being pre selected by other women. There are some men,no most men learn how to imbibe these characteristics through trick and techniques and manage to pick up a woman at some place maybe for one night or few weeks doesn’t matter. But more time passes these men are unable to keep their facade on at all times. They are always in their head wondering which tricks and techniques to use. But it is humanly impossible to keep up. And hence at some point women get to see the real him. This hugely disappoint women. They feel cheated and used, which lead to women hate being picked up.

But seduction is what women desire. To flow along with the man’s way of being. There is no work require to keep moving with this man. Women who are seduced may get sad but not feel hurt as there is complete knowing of what she is into. Seducing a woman entails an adventure of life, there are no layers to cut through. Plain speaking instead of poetic words, pick up lines are arousing and seductive. There is a sense of calmness even when it is going to end. In seduction women open up and behave like women allowing their little girl to come up.

Women love being caught up with a man who seduces her.


11 thoughts on “Women want to be Seduced and Not Picked up

  1. Hi, pratik all your rules are 98% correct, i met this girl, she liked me at first, shes the one calling, after i got tired of seduction, i loved her, professed it, thats the last time i controlled her.

    Pratik what do you think, try and never love a woman i seduced?


    1. What do you mean that by controlling her? In love there is no room for controlling anyone. Seduction is necessary component of loving . In most cases when girls like first guy later on madly fall for that girl which makes the guy cease to exist. His attributes changed compare to his earlier version


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