Why Women like to poke men at their weak points?

A woman often seems to test her man’s capacity to remain unperturbed in his truth and purpose. She tests him to feel his freedom and depth of love, to know that he is trustable. Her tests may come in the form of complaining, challenging him, changing her mind, doubting him, dis- tracting him, or even undermining his purpose in a subtle or not so subtle way. A man should never think his woman’s testing is going to end and his life will get easier. Rather, he should appreciate that she does these things to feel his strength, integrity, and openness. Her desire is for his deepest truth and love. As he grows, so will her testing.

For instance a man meets a woman randomly somewhere, starts talking to her , being flirtatious and at the same time very engaging and attentive to her, Both can feel the connection and the chemistry. They exchange numbers and make a plan to meet on Wednesday two days after they at 8.00 pm in nearby coffeeshop. Tuesday the man sends a text to the woman”Excited to see you tomorrow at 8″ and Woman replies “Yeah sure so am I”….Fast forward Wednesday 7 pm the man sees a text from the same woman “I am sorry I can’t make it, my grand ma is coming”. Now man can feel the shift in his emotions , he wonders or he believe her and the man replies “No problem, lets reschedule” and the woman doesn’t reply him, again after two hours the man text” So are you free on saturday”, and the woman replies”yes” and they meet on saturday, the man keeps wondering and ask follow questions on not being able to meet him. They end the date and woman was polite and engaging but never meets him again. The man never comes to know what happen.

So what happen?

The woman unconsciously was poking at him by cancelling last minute. Trust me women do this often. His reactions to her not replying text and then on saturday talking about the date cancelled failed him in her eyes. She wanted to feel his unperturbness by her reactions.Women want men who are comfortable with themselves first.  But instead he displayed how a feminine can affect his masculine. He have demonstrated his dependence on her for external validation. Women drift away from men like this..


4 thoughts on “Why Women like to poke men at their weak points?

    1. nothing just let it be..in the initial stage of attraction women don’t want to feel heavy by being answerable to a guy she is just getting to know..She is not your girlfriend or wife


  1. nah this is mostly bullshit. you just described a woman who is a flake. either she wasn’t interested in him or she wasn’t interested in a relationship in general. her being a flake doesn’t mean the guy she went out with is insecure, like how can the two possibly correlate, you’re essentially saying he is responsible for the way she behaves. he is responsible for how he behaves, and she is responsible for how she behaves. it’s shit like this that gives women an excuse to act like fucking retards instead of getting their act together and growing up.


    1. You are right no one is responsible for how other person behave…No i am not saying he is responsible for how she behaves but he is responsible for his reactions to women’s behavior which does affect his equation with her..


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