Why women sleep with these few men on first night and want to see them again?

Who are these few men who gets non effort invitation from women? These few men are allowed things that women would not allow even to their long term partner. So what are the reasons that women give everything their heart, body and soul on first night itself to these few men.

  1. They have adopted a non judgmental attitude towards women. They accept women as women are suppose to be, both motherly nature and slutty. Women can feel this non judgmental acceptance from their voice, the way they move.
  2. These men have an abundance of love for women in general. They bathe around feminine energy. For them feminine is a gift for a masculine. There is delight in their eyes for women.
  3. They make a move and yes lead. These men aren’t worried about leading. They know how their world should be arranged and hence leading becomes part of them.
  4. These men are highly sexual. By that i mean they don’t hide their sexual desires and are non apologetic about it. They let the woman who just met know that they are sexual creature. They express their sexuality verbally and own it.
  5. They know their role in the world of women. These men are not here to steal someone’s wife or girlfriend but take women on a adventure, to celebrate them and mind you not without women’s invitation.
  6. They don’t kiss and tell. This a rare quality these few men possess. Out of respect for women they don’t go around town honking horns about their conquest.
  7. They express everything verbally, no hidden agenda. If they want to explore her physically they say it.
  8. They understand the language of women, sub communication with that women let go because these men know that women know and women know these men know.

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