Books that helped me to understand psychology of Women

I have certainly gain wealth of experience through my personal interactions with women. But books and movies have also contributed immensely to learn about male and female dynamics.

I have lot of books to understand the world of women and dating and relationships but these one stand out by far.

Here are the names of top books that catapulted my understanding of women into a different level..

The Alabaster Girl

My the most favorite book to understand the world of women written by my most favorite man Zan Perrion. Zan Perrion is an enlightened version of me. He dedicated his whole life to figure out the universe of women. Since his early 20’s he set out day and night to make himself the greatest lover women have ever known. This book is a conversation between a seducer (that’s him) and an interviewer who is a woman. This book in great detail explains the spirit of the man who has women in his life. And yet it is practical. I was having light bulb moments as i kept reading over and over again.

The Female Brain

Very well researched book written by Louann Brizendine explains in great details the different stages of women life and how it alters her brain at different stages. Her view is that women hormonal changes define women at different stages of her life. She has elucidated in great detail women’s reactions to changing circumstances like getting married, having a kid. This book will help both men and women alike as interactions between male and female are never ending thing.

Why Women Have Sex: Understanding Sexual Motivation from Adventure to Revenge (and Everything in Between)

It is written by Cindy Meston and David Buss. They have interviewed more than 1000 women around the globe about their sexual experiences and motive behind it. They have highlighted 237 reasons of women having sex. Yes 237!  Reading this book will help men to understand women psychic behind having sex, which can be completely different from what you think. For example there is a woman they have interview who said she had sex with few boys because they were virgins and she felt bad for them and so she had sex with virgin boys.

Sperm Wars

Very controversial book written by Robin Baker. I am not sure about the content of the book to be absolutely true, but one thing i can say that it will hurt man’s ego like hell. Why? Because it speaks of women’s infidelity in a way that it seems natural for women to have sex only for their selfish reasons. I think if  a man comes to comfort with his ego after reading this book, i am sure he will remain calmer in his relationship with women.

I have lot of books to understand the world of women and dating and relationships but these one stand out by far.


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