Love is Authentic only when it gives freedom

What is love? I certainly don’t have a definition that cannot be argue with. But vaguely we all agree its a feeling towards someone. When we love someone we want them to be happy and blessed, but it comes with a rider, and that is only if they are with us. So i am asking myself then what is the difference between love and attachment?

Which leads me to my question about love? Can i love someone and let her not go to someone else even though i know her world will be filled with more joyous moments rather than staying with me?

As i keep asking more questions, it seems to be getting clear that love and attachment are mixed in this generation.

When we give the other person everything we can so that she stays with us is attachment and not love.

Love can exist only when it allows freedom. If you love a woman who is with you, then her happiness should be at the forefront. Now if she wants to explore other areas of life and for that she wants to leave you, would you stopped loving her? If you would stopped then its an attachment. Your whole heart willingness to let her move , where her heart desires makes love authentic.

Freedom to your love one will differentiate your love from attachment and make it authentic..

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