Why I feel women can deal with break ups better than men

We all can argue on who can deal with break up better, Men or Women? And we can never come to consensus on this. Women would say that men move on faster because they are less emotional to which men would reply women can move on faster because they can easily find someone else.

Both the arguments are equally valid. But my experience about the nature of men and women in context of relationships and dating has brought in logic to my clear answer.

I ll stand up and say that in most cases it is women who deal with break ups better than men.


Women do this one thing that men don’t since childhood. That is, women connect by talking and expressing. Ever heard a group of women having conversation, it revolves most of the times around their day to day life and relationships form a major part of it. While a group of men conversation revolves also around day to day but it mostly involves business and sports.

Women gain tremendous experience in the matters of relationship by the time they are in one. They analyse even a small glitch in a relationship to the hilt. Men don’t do that which puts them in a backseat position.

A woman will call all her close circle of people if they feel even a twinge of bump in a relationship with a man.

A woman can intuitively sense a leak in her relationship, while her man is oblivious to what is happening. A man realizes the end only when it ends, but by that time the woman has gone through the period of analyzing, grieving over her potential falling relationship.

When the relationship ends the man lost, he wonders what happen but the woman is sad but not lost as she had unconsciously prepared herself.

I know i am generalizing as i do all the time..


I have learnt a lot about way of women from this book. I strongly encourage readers to read this book for which link is below.


 The Alabaster Girl

3 thoughts on “Why I feel women can deal with break ups better than men

      1. Hi. I don’t remember what your blog said. I must have liked reading it. I am a single mom whose fiance dumped me.


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