One Great piece of practical advice a woman gave me

I will never forget this woman who put logic into what i could not express verbally? I simply asked after spending fabulous time with her, Why me? She told me “you asked me the right questions” I probe further “What do you mean by that, don’t other men ask you about these things”,She replied “yes they do,But” I probe “But what”, she responded “they are so easily impress by me when I tell them what I do in free time or my work, But you asked me the right questions”….Clicked

I went back to my previous women who got attracted towards me and develop a strong liking for me and i figure the exact same thing what this woman told me ,that i was not easily impress by them. Observe how most men talk to women, whenever a woman speaks about something related to herself like the work she does or anything else, to my knowledge most men respond “that’s really cool”, “it’s so rare”, “Wow, you are amazing”. And yeah there are pick up artist who will respond ” that’s boring , tell me something interesting”, “I thought you were more talented”, this is on the other extreme.

So what happens when a man is easily impressed by a woman?

Women in the moment feels validated and hence her respond in the moment is friendly and engaging but as time passes and she moves away from your presence something shifts. Her emotions drift away from you. Even most likely she doesn’t know what is happening, but she knows her heart desires are not same anymore. Being easily impressed by a woman communicates to her that you are willing to buy anything available in the market because as a man you are not approved enough for her to be worthy of you..

I am not saying create artificial impression that you are not easily impressed, but be the man who don’t get impressed by everything. Women want you to win.


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