Why women cling to unhealthy relationships

She was complaining everything about him and the relationship they both are in. She was convince that now its enough and she can’t take his rudeness anymore, but in the end she said “I ll give the relationship more 3months, if it doesn’t get sorted then i am out”. One more time extension like before.

I am talking about a female friend who is in relationship with my best male friend for more than 10 years. I have seen time and again specifically women clinging to a relationship that is clearly unhealthy.

Why is so difficult for some women to get out of an unhealthy relationship?

Firstly i think it is women’s soft and nuturely nature that convinces them that somehow they can change their men and make the relationship work.

Love for yourself and respect for yourself becomes secondary, the relationship becomes primary.

It is human nature to make investment work. When it comes to relationships women tend to behave the same way. For women investment in a relationships is like giving a part of themselves. It is difficult for any woman to cut bait and run as they have given their heart and soul into it. It is also the voice of ego also that prevents them from ending even though it is evident that she is unhappy in a relationships.

Fear of losing the security if so that comes with it. Women want security and stability on a priority basis. Sometimes women is at a stage in her life where security that comes with the relationship can’t be thrown away. To keep the security she will keep hanging on to the unhealthy relationship.

 The Alabaster Girl


Only with time i have notice when things get worse they let go the relationship, no amount of explaining and persuasion from friends and family make them take the decision.

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