How to disperse Masculine Energy to women

As I was writing something on my laptop sitting in a coffee shop, from the corner of my eye i notice a woman wearing black top uncovering her white shoulders, walking towards a seat next to me. I tried to concentrate on my work at that moment but i just wanted to glance at her. And yes i did. In that very same second she glanced at me. My eyes sparkle and my one arm was automatically raise in excitement just to say hi.

I said “Hi” with a excited smile on my face. She look bewilder wondering who am I? I didn’t in that moment was thinking about her reaction but was just feeling her radiance. I again said ignoring her reaction “I am glad to have a feminine energy of your kind”. To which she replied ” I am not alone I waiting for someone”. With my amusement I replied”So what? It doesn’t matter your boyfriend or who ever comes you are still here with your feminine energy “, She said “Thank you”. After few seconds I could not resist to invite her to my masculine energy “In case your partner doesn’t join you, join me” Her “No” was clear. I said ” No problem” .

Men’s masculine energy is what women crave for.

A woman might not be attracted towards you but your masculine energy should be felt by every women who comes in contact with you

Masculine energy doesn’t hide itself when it encounters a feminine energy that draws his heart.

A man should allow his masculine energy to jump into femininity even with fear and anxiety. Getting or expecting anything in return from a woman in dispersing masculine energy is criminal and not helpful.

Women with all her feminine energy will decide to bathe in the glory of the masculine energy she has received or not.

Seduction requires a man to come out with full force of his masculinity but at the time respecting woman where to go.

How does a masculine energy looks like?

Masculine energy charms itself in the presence of feminine energy. It displays with full force and initiate the seduction but at the same time allows femininity to spread where ever she desires to.

It does not hesitate to express itself in presence of feminine energy as it survives and thrives on polarity.

No one teach any technique or tricks to imbibe masculine energy in any man because it is already present. The only way to allow man’s true nature to come forth is by uncovering the social conditioning.

Women are not obligated to receive man’s masculine energy but their feminine energy will be obligated to feel it at least..

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