Women radiate signals

Have you ever gone up to a woman in a coffee shop or somewhere else and just said ” Hi”. But she reacted by withdrawing and maybe at best a courtesy smile before she leaves. And after few minutes or few hours another girl passes by and you say “Hi” but to your pleasant surprise she not only says hi to you but turns her body towards you to engage in a conversation with you.

Your “Hi” is just the same and yet two different girls two different response.


We men need to make our ego understand not all or most women are available even for a innocuous “hi”. Lot goes into any human being life at any particular moment.

Instead of firing bullets all over the place follow the signals, you will save lot of time.

Women who are receptive to be approached and play the dance of seduction are radiating signals all the time. We need to understand and then extend our hand to invite them for a dance of romance.

Women who are receptive will have a open energy towards the room. She won’t be facing the wall for instance. Her energy will be more outwards even if she is sitting with her friends. For example a woman on the receptive channel will have her hips position towards the open space of the room and not in align with her friend.

To add more to that a woman will keep scanning the room for no reason.

Sometimes she will be loud enough to make sure you know she’s here.

Women touch back of their neck when some thing is going on inside, by that mean her vagina or rather her brain is shouting for some masculine energy.

At the same time  women will radiate signal for not to approach them. Like her whole body is position in a way that she is not aware of her surroundings.

In older days women used to drop the hankerchief in front of the man she was interested in. But in this dna age women radiate signals in a way that goes unnotice by men.

I have tried to express the feel in words. Sometimes we get a feeling that a particular woman will be receptive but we cant put logic or words to it. So there may be something i must have missed out.




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