Plain Speaking is the greatest weapon of Seduction

“It is so unnecessary” was the one line that stuck in my head. Zan Perrion while speaking at a seminar answer in this one line to the question “What are some great lines to say to woman?’.

I pause for a moment while watching the video and thought to myself this so true. Going back to my experiences with women I understand that it is so unnecessary to carve out lines with women.

Across forums online there are abundance of questions on what are the great pick up lines and there are more answers than require.

Seduction is a dance where walls disappear, confusion fades into oblivion and the only element that completes the seduction is “Presence”.

Plain speaking comes out of not being in the head but from being present to the moment. Plain speaking removes confusion and it uncovers what is already there. It allows women to make a mind full choice to be part of seduction or not.

“I like you, I want to explore you physically, emotionally and in all possible ways” Man to woman as clear as it gets.

“Netflix and chill”, “lets hang out”, “want to come up for coffee”, this modern age has added more walls to seduction. Plain speaking your desires make men nervous. Women also don’t know sometimes what to reply. But that’s ok. Men should take the lead.

I am not saying plain speaking will necessary get the men the outcome they desired, but it will help men to transcend from pick up to seduction.


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