Never be invasive with women

I go up to woman sitting quietly in a coffee shop and sit beside her to start a conversation.

Now women in general are polite and so in most cases they will engage with your banal topics. So this sweet woman also engages with me pretending to be enjoying and I with my amateur experience believed it.

We kept talking for good 20 mins until she stands up to leave. She shakes my hand and in that moment I ask for her number. She without hesitation gives me the number as they do generally.

I call her up next day as I don’t want to be the guy who play games and wait for three days. She picks up my call, hear my voice and cut the call. I was not shocked because I thought of a network problem. So I dial again and this time she cuts my call before picking up. Now I was surprised, shocked and dismayed.

I could not figure what happen. Until a month later I bumped into her again.

I asked her explicitly “for my learning tell me why you gave me your number and then later cut my call”.

She replied “You did not give the space to breathe that day at coffee shop, I did not invite you to join me, I gave you my number because you were sweet to be interested in my life, but..”

I exactly knew what she was saying as I had experience this again few times after meeting her.

Women don’t want to be bothered unless she sends out invitation to engage her and again to re engage her, Women invite all the time to lead at different stages.

Women invite to approach her, to ask for her number, to take her on a date and to bend her over in bedroom.

But we men invade rather than wait for her invitation.

Even places like bars, night clubs also where women are all dressed to be noticed and seen they don’t want their space to be invaded, by which I mean you approach woman and then you plant yourself there without any hint of her invitation to be with you.

Always let her have the innate knowledge that she has room to leave your space.

Even with woman on a date for a moment get up and leave so that she can breathe for a second without your energy.

For example if I approach a girl now somewhere, I say something and take a step or two away from her unless she invites me again into her space by her response which can be a laugh, to her replying to me, etc

“Seduction requires space and lots of it” Zan Perrion author of Alabaster Girl..


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