A Better World for both Men And Women

Let’s make this world a better place for both men and women to mingle.


It’s simple.

First remove the attitude of taking. And replace it with sharing.
For instance when you see a girl and want to approach her, don’t see her as a ‘Target’.
‘Target’ is very outcome dependent. It forces a man to make it happen or to conquer her other wise it is a lost battle. And in the process he ends up using all his resources(techniques) at his disposal and fail to connect AUTHENTICALLY.
Maybe your AUTHENTIC SELF is not good enough, so now you have some purpose and that is to change your authentic self.

Just imagine if a man approaches a woman and he shows his genuine self,
He does not offer value which he cannot provide consistently, he demonstrates who he is, he does not act cocky and funny when he himself is unsure about what he is saying, he does not uses Lines which he has not earned it yet and does not belong to him. In brief he does not PRETEND to be someone else who he is not.

That woman will have an experience which will reinforce or reinstate her belief in MEN in general. She will tell her friends about her experience.
And just imagine if the same woman encounters GENUINE men three or four times her world view of how men are will change.
Then she herself will stop playing games and be receptive to the energy of men in general.

Now because of her experiences her friends will also become RECEPTIVE to the energy of men, this in turn will BENEFIT us men as then we won’t have to do the Hard work of acting or using those lines or so called SYSTEMS which seems awkward to even us when we are attempting to get our target. RIGHT?

Yes even women have to do their work and present themselves authentically, but as of now we have a power to address our-self only.

My point is, we are simply making the surface harder for us. It is self defeating way to live.

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