The ever Elusive phone numbers


I remember by first few number closes couple of years back. It was an exihilariting feeling. I felt I have arrived in land of women.

Alas! That feeling lasted for not so long.


Because I realise that women most of the times give out number out of politeness or just like that with no real excitement to carry it on further.

Phone numbers is like a goal post in Pua community.

Unknowingly they end up becoming number collectors, hoping that the ratio of flakes will come down or if they have too many numbers some or the other will response in a desire way.

Well flaking is a normal human characteristics. For both men and women alike.
Specifically as Johnny Soporno says that women flake on other women frequently.

So the issue is not really flaking but failure to weed out women who are genuinely interested in us.

What if you could weed out women who are interested in you while exchanging numbers?

Well I promise folks won’t feel disheartened about the women and pick up itself specifically after the effort sincere PUA’S put in.

So first understand phone numbers are not a near term goal post but a logical extension of you and her getting together.

How does a man weed out a woman who is giving the number to carry it forward?

There are two ways I suggest. First one is suggested by Zan Perrion.

1. At some point in interaction say to a girl “I like your energy, I want to see you again”. Stop and leave it. She should take the initiative for exchanging the contact. It can be both directly and indirectly. Directly like “Yeah sure take my number and contact me on Friday” or indirectly like “I get off work at 6″ or she will look down on her phone so that you can ask her number.
What if she does not take the initiative well for me I don’t take that number.

2. This one just happen out of default. I was talking to a girl and I could feel the connection between us. And as I was just about to take the number I just asked her that ” Can you feel the connection between you and me?” She verbally agreed by a soft Yes. And then I asked for the number. After that I did this couple of times and those numbers never flaked.
Point being make a verbal agreement about the chemistry going between two of you. But don’t say this out of context.

One can also use a physical agreement. Like not taking a number unless you and her make out minus the alcohol.

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