How to carry on conversation with women?

Let me set the expectations of the readers align with the content of this post.

This post is not about what phrases or lines to use.

There are no real life examples of a conversation, because no single conversation can help to paint the whole gamut of possibilities of human conversations.

It is more about setting the foundations right. It is about encouraging men to take pathways that is embedded with self respect.

The first and foremost place to begin with, is equipping oneself the ability to recognise whether the opposite gender is in a place to carry on further engagement with you.

Her reasons to engage or not engage with you are not suppose to be a matter of concern. As myriad of factors are at play in a given time.

One cannot possibly decipher with conclusion which purely based on facts on why a woman is not agreeable enough to engage with you.

There is a lack of clarity, on how humans in this social world function, which results into mis understanding of actuality.

A man sees a woman, it may be anywhere, he decide to play the default role of a Man, and uses his vocal chords to initiate the possibility of interaction.

I alluded above to the mis understanding of humans social nature and this applies more so to women.

We are Polite and accomdating social creatures. We are somehow ineffective or too run by our societal image, to say “Not interested” or rather receive “Not interested”.

So we especially Women, with a pretended smile replies back to the Man who initiated the possibility of interaction.

And why not?

We are nice people. How can we be impolite to others even though it comes at a cost of being impolite to ourselves?

So women in most cases react well and continue replying to barrage of statements or more so questions coming from the sincere and polite man.

Based on her obligatory cultural nature, which is clearly misunderstood, the Man takes the small thread and elongates it with out her permission.

Wow! Exclaim his friends who see him engaging with a random woman.

His friends are also the part of same Unawareness which I emphasise twice above.

Ever want to know how to carry on the conversation with a woman?

First know does she also want to willingly, excitedly want to make the possibility an actuality.


After you use your gifted vocal chords for initiation, give the woman space to make a decision to be a participant in your attempt to make a possible story out of it.

A woman who wants to be participant, will OVER COMMUNICATE always verbally and in rare cases non verbally of her interest in you.

Once the board is set both ways, interact with the woman first as a human being then as a gender.

As Johnny Soporno of successfullness paradigm would say, Treat her like how you would treat a man interested in knowing.

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