“If a girl is looking at you”

What to do if a girl is looking at You?

Do this:

Take a leap of faith.

Take a leap of faith that, the particular girl looking at you likes your presence for whatever reasons.

And because you are a boy and she is girl (obviously), her looking at you reassures that you matter as a man in the space of polarity.

Just starting with this thought, upon being looked( at least for 3 seconds) by a girl, will bring a delight and mischief at the same time within you.

Which will be (if not should be) represented by a grin on your face.

In turn this will send a message across her, reaffirming that you get it and you like it.

Do not get into your head thinking how to approach or anything of that sort.

Let your body direct you at these moments.

Originally published at: wayofmen.in

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