Mischief: A natural element of charm in a man.

A four year old boy, waits for his mom to turn her face away to the other side of the room, and then he quietly slips his hand on to the prohibited candy close to him, and that’s when his mom sees her little boy’s hand on the candy and now he is caught red handed..

The boy realises this.

And what does the little boy do?

While his hand is still on the candy, he looks at his mom who in exchange is giving him a reprimanded look, throws out a smile that begins slowly, but expands to its maximum possible width.

Sharing with his mom, through his smile, his awareness of breaking rules for the love of the candy.

And instantly his mom also gives up her stern look and smiles back at him, as if she is also part of it now.

Fast forward, years later, this same boy is sitting in a cafe. A pretty tight ass girl walks in.

He starts checking her out, while she orders her coffee. In that moment, she turns to him, catches him looking at her, and the guy realizes that he is caught looking at her, just like his time as a 4 year boy; and what does he do this time?

He looks down/away, trying to make it seem, that he was not looking at her in the first place.

A certain sense of guilt now replaces his childhood mischievous spirit.

Instead, he should have done what his 4 year version did; and that is to share that moment with the pretty tight ass girl by smiling the same way and in the same spirit, he did with his mother.

Well, most of us can relate to the stories above and that’s sad.

A mischievous spirit, is a default state, we boys carry within us. Unfortunately as we become older, we grow up more than necessary. And we lose a sense of mischief.

Especially, with/around women, this lost of natural mischief is more evident.

(In this post, I am addressing, mischief in relation to women)

Let me also add, being playful/humorous/funny is different from being mischievous.

Mischief is to accidentally (not really) bump into a pretty girl and share that moment with her, with a obvious smile. (Watch Richard Gere do that in the movie “Autumn in New York” into first minute of the movie).

Mischief can be as simple as, throwing a smile at a group of random girls seated. A specific kind of smile, which starts slowly then expands well into your eyes. A certain Delight.

Let’s first reflect why we men don’t embody this mischievous spirit..

To begin with I strongly believe and feel, we are intimidated by women. In terms of being seen as man who likes the idea of getting intimate with girls.

Being “socially appropriate”, has become a natural theme of our behaviour around women.

Not enjoying the dance of mating, rather putting all our emphasis on the final outcome.

“Life” and it’s vagaries have caught tight hold of us. A shitty life, and embodying mischievous spirit don’t go hand in hand.

Sometimes a misunderstanding or lack of clarity on what women internally like as a species of female also holds a guy back from being mischievous with women.

By now, we have explored this idea of “mischievous spirit ” and hopefully gained an immense clarity on it.

How does a man uncover and regains his mischievous spirit with women?

He must necessarily overstep certain social appropriate behaviour to begin with.

For instance, checking out a woman and not instantly turning away the gaze when she catches you. To that, add a smile to share with her. There will be some rush of emotions within you, a sort of anxious tension feeling. Stay with that feeling. With time and going through this process, the “intimidation” issue will fade away.

Put all your emphasis on “mating dance” rather than the outcome of getting something tangible from/with a girl. It sounds simple but difficult to follow in practice. It’s only when a guy sees the beauty in “dance” of seduction, he can really put emphasis on it.

Pay attention to women. I mean everything and anything about them. Sit in a cafe, next to two girls talking among themselves and pay attention to their interaction. This is the most direct way to get a strong grasp of what women are like in general.

Hanging around with a guy who has embody the michievious spirit around women, will rub you in most favourable way.

Beyond this, if there anything works for you, then by all means do it. Just dont force to bring out the mischief in the air, in presence of women.

On a sidenote, I have also noticed, in our down time (example: illness) it’s very difficult to let the mischief come out of us, so take a back seat, until your downtime fades away.

Adding to that sidenote to end this, its unreasonable to expect from yourself to bring out this mischief energy for every other girl. It’s only with or around some women, you will able to carry the mischievous part of you.

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