Is “Eye Contact” a eight wonder of the world?

“He had half the women here. The way he looks at them, makes him irresistible. He finds beauty, even in their imperfections”.

This was not me, overhearing girls, but rather it was a scene in the movie “Frida”, where ex wife of Diageo Riveria is telling his current wife, while he is visibly flirting with other women.

As the history goes, Diageo Riveria, the celebrated artist, was loved by women and had quite a fair share of them.

We are talking about eye contact here, and the thing I want to highlight about quote unquote first para, is the way he looks at them.

In hush hush space of” women only”, you often find girls saying to one of her comrade, ” He likes you, we can easily tell by the way he looks you”. Not because he made eye contact, right??

But the discourse on eye contact, in realms of dating advisory leans on mechanical side, explaining difference between eye contacts and what they mean, or how to make eye contact. Which is necessary and well meaning.

None I understand, have gone to the depths of what gazing into a woman’s eyes feels like to her. None have gone to exemplify the spirit of men, who with their eye contact makes women go swoon.

And that’s really what matters.

Eye Contact as necessary and a natural element in dance of seduction, is certainly not only about gazing into a girl eyes. Even with an added smile to it, it’s still a just physical expression.

But we all know, two things about eyes;

1. Eyes reflects our inner state. If we are nervous, it shows in our eyes.

2. Eyes communicate how we feel about other person, when we look into their eyes.

Hence, knowing intangibles of eyes, does getting the “act” of eye contact right is enough?

Certainly not.

Let me come back to above example of Diageo Riveria.

What Diageo Riveria had in his eye contact or rather the way he looked at women was the way he felt about female shape and form in general. And he found the inherent outline of women design beautiful. For him, women minus their characteristics/attributes/attitude represented beauty. He delighted in that and hence he loved painting nudes.

He made women feel beautiful with his eyes and that was his secret.

In fact, this quality is possessed by most men who are adored by women.

Having said that, it’s not necessary to look at women with those eyes only.

For instance Tucker Max, guy who really got laid, in his book “Hilarity ensues ” mentions about Fuck me look in his eyes when he was in Cancun for spring break.

Or you may check out a video clip of the movie Alfie (added below), and noticed how the actor at around 1:15 looks at those two girls at the corner of bar

His eyes are clearly communicating, that he wants to rips their clothes off.

I have written this to bring awareness to a significant dimension of eye contact and not to diminish the power of eye contact.

In fact I believe eye contact backed by right vibe is the eight wonder of the world.

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