Before you read further, about the details of my programmes; I must keep you informed that my coaching is suitable for few guys only.

My programmes are meant for guys who are looking to find a strong, unapologetic masculine expression in the land of women. It is meant for guys, who want to represent themselves as a dynamic, socially intelligent, and a sexual man. I am looking for guys whose other aspects and dimensions of life are sorted, and they just need to figure the man-woman aspect of their life. My style of learning requires long term commitment, hence I filter out guys who are headed in the same direction.

If you want to learn to pick up girls, cold approach many sets, seduce anyone you want to, then I am not the right coach for you.

There are two set of programmes I offer:

  1. Video Coaching
  2. In-person Coaching.

Video Coaching

It is 4 session 1 on 1 live with me programme conducted on zoom/skype/whatsapp video call. The rough outline is that each session is of 60 to 90 minutes held every 15 days. This means 4 sessions will be held over period of two months. In between of each session, a client will have access to me on whatsapp and if needed a call too; and these terms applies even post 4 session programme. The cost of total programme is Rs 6000/-. A call has to be scheduled for me to get to know the client and for a client to clarify any doubts, after which only the programme can be formalised.

In-person coaching

In-person coaching, a guy gets to spend time with me in person from early afternoon to late night hanging out different social venues. My purpose and aim is to get a guy to a point, where he can express himself as a man to a woman with social grace. And hence whatever it takes to get to the said point, I will commit to teaching and mentoring it.

This programme is tailor made to each individual depending on what he is looking for. I am very particular about the guy I agree to do in-person coaching. Hence the guy has to go through the filtering process with me first on a video call. The commitment to stay with me, open mind, desire to invest time,energy and money, mostly sorted in life, are some of the attitudes I look for in a guy to agree to do in-person coaching. The modalities of the programme can be discuss on the schedule call.

There are different channels people can get to know my thought process.

One is my blog

Second is my newsletter

Third is my instagram

To reach out to me, you can email me at or you can whatsapp me at (+91)9820179161.