How gender ratio changes Women’s behavior

Male to female ratio in any place does make a big difference in the way women and men approach their dating and sex life. I live in India where if you walk in any venue then you will most likely encounter 3 men to 1 women at least. Just imagine what does this do to both men and women.

Men stare at women not out of love for women but like begging eyes, which pushes women away. In a situation where there much more men to women, women self defense mechanisms go up. She is unlikely to make eye contact with a random man walking on the street. She will be worried about her physical safety at all times. A woman will be comfortable meeting man only through social circles. A random man approaching a woman will be scary to the woman.

Woman will be closed out sexually as she knows the more sex she has for fun, more she will be shamed. The likelihood of man duping women will increase as men in higher male to female ratio will use manipulative acts to get women. This will cause women to be mistrustful of all men.

There will also  be some women who will use higher male to female ratio to their advantage. Like women demanding more in exchange for her time and attention and offcourse sex. And i am not talking about whores, prostitutes, etc.

Men will become needy  and women can’t stand needy behavior. Men will feel lost in the matters of heart and sex as men will gain less experience. Men will feel repress sexually and this will show up around women.

Similarly higher women to men ratio will reverse the course. Off course men won’t be worried about physical safety, but as market dynamics changes certainly needy behavior of men will go away.

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